testimonialsTestimonials About Coach Feely:

“Kicking…is a matter of eliminating inconsistencies, simplifying your technique, and perfecting the desired action. My Dad (Tom Feely) and I worked together creating our unique style of kicking and produced results good enough to win me a job starting for the Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and now the Arizona Cardinals. Together we developed our unique style of kicking and he taught me the benefits of sports psychology as it applies to kicking and punting. Together they’re a winning combination.”

- Jay Feely, Active NFL Kicker since 2001 (12 years to date) Note: Jay Feely owns franchise records on all five NFL teams.

“Before seeing Coach Feely for a first time, I was a kicker who thought I knew everything there was about kicking. After a while I found myself struggling to consistently get good height and drive on my field goals and I turned to Coach Feely. During a one hour session with Coach in January of 2011, I grew 5 years as a kicker.

Because of Coach Feely’s genious and incredible knowledge in everything about kicking, Coach has helped me improve both my distance and height on my field goals along with driving my confidence in my kicking through the roof. The things that I learned in one hour with Coach Feely will forever stay with me and only 1 month later after the session, I am already seeing the incredible results.

Consistency is the key and Coach Feely’s teaching is among the best if not the best kicking coaches in the nation. I drove a total of 8 hours in 1 day to see Coach Feely and after that session I realized I would have driven 25 to be able to listen and learn from Coach Feely because it was a kicker’s life changing experience. ”

- Abraham Mercado, College Kicker

“I just wanted to drop you an email and thank you again for the advice that you have given me. I like the control that my new drop gives me over the football and I think I will have a lot more consistency in my game once I master it. Seeing myself on video, breaking down the different parts of the punt, and the necessary body positions to maximize power have all been very beneficial.

Getting help from Coach Feely with the little things is what I am always after. In the past I had the raw leg swing and could crush the long balls…but I have never had the consistency I desired. I am confident that will all change this season. Thanks again, Coach Feely, for your work in my game, and the encouraging words you have left me with from our last workout.”

- College All American Punter: Jesse Harms, USCGA

Testimonials About Coach Husby:

“Coach Husby has helped me make large strides this year as a punter. He has helped me learn the art of a successful punt through technique and attention to detail.”

- Nick Martin (Wayzata P/QB)

“Alexi was looking for a coach, and after discussions with several kickers and coaches in the Twin Cities, it was clear that working with Chris would be a tremendous opportunity for our son. Alexi’s kicking has become more accurate and more powerful since working with Chris. This is due to his eye for detail and his ability to help kickers understand the mechanics behind kicking as well as the physical background behind being a top notch kicker. His biggest improvements have been his accuracy and distance. He was named All metro and All state in 2011. We give all that credit to Chris for helping our son.”

- Tim Johnson (Parent of Shakopee Kicker)

“I appreciate the “whole team approach” in training not simply the field goal kicker but also the snapper and the holder as well. As a realtor, I understand the importance of surrounding oneself with competence in order to deliver a profitable closing. Chris does this in his field. He trains all the players with one common goal. This approach gets results.”

- J. Tacheny (Parent of Stillwater Kicker)

“My son is a soccer player interested in additional opportunities as a field goal kicker in high school. Chris Husby’s lessons, clinics and mentoring were exactly what he needed. We have seen significant improvements in accuracy, consistency, and distance. Chris has done an excellent job helping my son prepare for opportunities at the high school and potentially the college level later on. Thanks Chris! ”

- Doug (Parent)

“Our son, Trevor, has been training with Coach Husby since 2010. Chris’ punting and kicking knowledge, combined with his experience drew us to him. His total dedication is what keeps us coming back! Chris takes the necessary time during each session to ensure the lesson is being absorbed before moving on to a new skill. He encourages and motivates along the way.

I am proud to say Coach Husby is no longer just a coach teaching our son skills, but a true mentor and friend. We look forward to continuing our son’s training with Chris.”

- Tera Naslund (Mother of Champlin Park Punter)